The last few days each day Eli has bli ayin hora gained a ton of strength and is almost back to where he was just before immunotherapy. For some odd reason he isn’t eating much but at least he feels good and is in a good mood. The first 24 hours of YT Eli was exhausted and didn’t leave bed at all but once he woke up Friday morning he was in a much better mood with BH a lot of strength.

Other then a possible DR appt this week to clear Eli for the next round of immunotherapy there isn’t much else on the schedule other then to give Eli a fun next few days of Chol Hamoed with the family and build on his strength and good mood.

We hope to enjoy the rest of YT with Elimelech Ben Basya and continue to see him go in the right direction on his way to reaching the ultimate goal of a refua shelayma bkarov. A GUT VOCH. A GUT MOED