Finally at about 9PM the immunotherapy day 4 of 4 was complete. This harsh treatment is finally done the first of 7 rounds. Its been a long week here a lot longer and harder then what we were prepared for but as always one step at a time. The plan is now for them to take 2 separate labs to see what and if Eli needs anything prior to discharge.

The DR told us he will make sure that all is set and we would be able to leave by 8:30AM but I know already that’s not going to happen as the nurse that Eli has tonight is working very slowly and didn’t hook up his TPN until close to 11PM instead of 8:30 and that has to run for 12 hours. Hopefully we will be home by noon. They say that most kids are back to themselves pretty quickly I hope that’s the case so that Eli can put this past week behind him.

Looking forward to getting home and back to somewhat normalcy for Elimelech Ben Basya and all of us.