Eli woke up a little earlier then usual today but his mood was better then its been and it stayed that way all day. For some odd reason he changed his mind and didn’t end up going to camp. Late in the morning his favorite “Uncle Jack” took him out for a early lunch and for a little drive. BH he feels strong enough to get out and is slowly but surelly getting back to himself.

Tomorrow we will meet the new DR and are hoping for a easy and smooth transition. They will draw Elis blood and beezrat hashem it will be at levels they are happy with. We should also learn whens the next scheduled treatment which is radiation and when that should begin.

We are hoping that things only stay and get more positive for Elimelech Ben Basya as the treatment plan continues with IYH no complications and may we be zoche to see all choley yisroel have a refua shelayma.