For the first time in almost 3 weeks we didn’t have to shlep down to CHLA Eli had the day off BH. For most of the day he relaxed at home aside from getting out for lunch and a few errands. We continue to try different things to help his stomach and hopefully one of them will work and will help him gain some weight.

IYH on Thursday Eli will join camp and go to Knotts berry farm which is a large amusement park where I will help him get on and off the rides that are suitable for him to go on. He can’t do anything wild because of his weakened state and not to upset either of his lines.

Today was a happy day for Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah who is completely done treatment and had his line removed and we daven that he lives a healthy life to 120. Also today Chaya Mushka Bas Haddasa Shaina went to Camp Simcha which she has been wanting to go to for the last few months and BH things worked out for her to be able to go and enjoy. Eli received a big birthday cake today from Chai Lifeline for his birthday which made him really happy and the best part was that he actually ate a piece. Please continue as always to daven for these and cholim that they should be zoche to a refua shelayma

The next schedules appt is a CT scan on Monday which we daven that this scan and all the scans Elimelech Ben Basya will have every few months will always only be very clear and beezrat hashem disease free.