Eli woke up a lot later then he has lately and I think it probably was because he was comfortable and not attached to anything and was able to sleep undisturbed. Once he woke up and he felt rested he went to camp which he hasn’t done in quite a while and really enjoyed the little time he spent there. At 2PM it was back to CHLA for bli ayin hora the final radiation treatment. Our DR scheduled with the nurse to have her reinsert his NG tube which came out last night. Although it wasn’t pleasant as usual Eli did it like a champ and it was done in less then a minute.

Unfortunately Eli lost a few ounces the past few days as he continues to struggle with the diarrhea that he has had for the last 4 months. On Wednesday they will attempt a stronger medication to help slow it down and beezrat hashem that will do the trick as otherwise he will need to be readmitted.

Please continue to daven for Elimelech Ben Basya and all cholim.