The day started off pretty well but had a few bumps along the way. Today’s radiation made Eli pretty nauseous and he threw up in the car on the way home. His appetite has been less also since he’s began radiation which beezrat hashem he will have his final dose on Tuesday. After eating a small dinner and getting into bed earlier then usual after going to sleep the last few nights later then usual Eli was hooked up to the feeding tube and needed to use the bathroom but didn’t make it and along the way somehow ended up pulling out the whole NG tube.

We called the hospital right away and we were warned when they put it in that this may happen and it isn’t that big a deal and they said it can wait until the morning and hopefully they will reinsert it which only takes about 1 minute but isn’t very comfortable as they are putting it in.

This evening I davened in Sharei Tora along with a nice crowd Yom Kipur Koton and I know that Elmelech Ben Basya and sadly the many other cholim of our shul and community were on the minds of everyone and IYH bzchus the tefila we should be zoche to see them all have a refua shaleyma BKAROV