BH all went as planned today and we met Elis new DR who until we actually met him weren’t sure who he was but once we met we recognized him from him being the oncologist on call during many of Elis hospital stays. He is a very nice and straight forward guy and we are very happy to be one his patients. We discussed what to expect which we knew already that the next step in the treatment plan is radiation. BH Eli did gain a few pounds which was very welcome news.

Next we will be getting a call from the DR that does the radiation to set up a meeting to show us around and explain what and when to expect over the radiation period.

After the appointment we took Eli out to a few stores which he enjoyed and finally got home late in the afternoon for a backyard milchig picnic.

Beezrat hashem Elimelech Ben Basya will go to camp on Wednesday and reconnect with his friends and enjoy color war which is currently going on in camp. Please continue to daven that we should be zoche to see Eli and all cholim have a refua shelayma BKAROV.