Over the last few days there has been very good progress and beezrat hashem we will continue to only see good progress in the days ahead. Eli has widened the range of food that he is ok with eating and instead of us begging him to eat a few bites he asks for what he wants as often as he wants. Thru eating he has also gained some much needed strength. While all this is very good and very welcome news sadly Eli is still very weak and skinny even after these good gains. IYH as time goes on these small gains will continue but on a better and quicker rate.

This week Eli has an appointment with his new DR that has taken over his case as our original DR is taking a year off to do research. Hopefully things will continue as smoothly as possible with the transition and we will be able to keep on the protocol treatment schedule.

Thank you to the many people that inquired the last few days as to how Eli was doing since there was no update on this blog. I was out of town for those days and didn’t have a minute to update on Elimelech Ben Basya. Please continue to have him and all cholim in mind as we continue to help Eli be zoche to a refua shelayma bkarov. GUT SHABOS