Beezrat hashem tonight will be the last time Eli is in the hospital for a unplanned unscheduled stay. When your mentally prepared for it somehow it seems a little easier. The unexpected and then extended longer even are not easy to put it mildly. Eli BH is made out of different material then we are and is extremely calm and generally in a very good mood but I think even at this point he has had enough and wants to go home. IYH tonight will go smooth and we hope to be able to squeeze him in for the first radiation appointment of the day so that once he’s home he can stay home and relax for the day instead of coming back again later in the afternoon.

We don’t have an exact amount of time yet but for the near future Eli will be getting extra nutrition thru his NG tube as well as regular food. They taught us how to clean and attach the NG tube to the pumps etc so that when Eli gets home we can take care of it without a nurse. Eli is looking forward to the next week full of fun with his cousins who are coming in for my sisters wedding IYH this Wed night and of course to enjoy the actual wedding. Eli still has to come back daily for 7 more radiation treatments which hopefully will continue to move smoothly.

Please continue to daven for Elimelech Ben Basya in hopes that he will be able to go home in the AM on Monday and stay home without CV any further complications. We look forward to some sense of a little normalcy for ourselves and mostly Eli and his siblings back at home as a family.