Eli had a great shabos from start to finish. He went to shul full of energy Friday night, enjoyed the seuda with his out of town uncle and aunt and some of his cousins and had a good nights sleep. Shabos morning he went to shul again enjoyed the kidush and then went on his own to join his bubby and zaidy and that side of the family for shabos lunch. The rest of the afternoon he relaxed at home and enjoyed the day. Of course he went back to shul for Mincha and Shalosh seudos.

We look forward to continuing treatment IYH on Monday again and hoping that there will be no side effects and that all will continue going per protocol and as planned.

Please continue to daven on behalf of Elimelech Ben Basya bsoch shaar choley yisroel that this treatment that’s scheduled this week will do its intended purpose and help Eli reach the ultimate goal of a refua shelayma bkarov. A GUT VOCH