Eli woke up in a good mood and feeling stronger as he BH has been gradually every day lately. He wanted to go to camp today and he and we felt he was up to it so he went and enjoyed very much for the few hours he lasted there. Bli ayin hora daily he is making progress in both the strength and weight departments and hopefully that will only continue but at a quicker pace.

Monday IYH starts radiation and hopefully it will go as planned with no side effects. It should be a in and out process and shouldn’t have to be in CHLA daily for more then 20-45 min from start to finish if all IYH goes as planned.

Please keep Elimelech Ben Basya and all cholim in mind this Shabos Nachamu and we should all be zoche to see the brochos of shabos he melizuk come to fruition.

On a side note beezrat hashem this is the last shabos that Chaya Mushka bas Hadassa Shaina will need to be in the hospital before she is done her treatment. She is always with a smile and the happiest girl you will ever meet. Please keep her especially in mind this shabos that she and cholim get what they deserve a refua shelayma bkarov. A GUT SHABOS