Eli was in a very good mood until he got to his appointment today which took a lot longer then we planned for. Initially we thought it was a 15 min appt but with delays and all the prepping and procedures they did it ended up being a few hours. They had Eli laying in this bean bag that they molded to his figure and then took out all the air in the bag which then became very hard molded to his body. The reason they do this is so that he will be placed each day in that molding and this way beezrat hashem he won’t need anesthesia for the radiation. They also drew lines on his stomach that they don’t want washed off for the next 2+ weeks so they can line them up also so that the radiation will IYH go only exactly on the area that was affected. BH once they were done Eli was back in a very good mood and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.

Radiation is scheduled to begin on Monday and they don’t anticipate any side effects which we hoe is true. At worst they said there should be minimal nausea so hopefully that will be true. He will need 12 sessions of radiation and its done Mon-Fri so basically it will be 5 days a week for 2 weeks and then a Monday and Tuesday. Depending on how Eli takes to it IYH it will be done on that Tuesday but if he or we want a one day break along the line they don’t have a problem with that.

Hopefully things will continue with the protocol and schedule that Elimelech Ben Basya has been scheduled to be on and it will be done as quickly and painlessly as possible. Please as always keep Eli and all cholim in mind in your daily tefilos etc.