Out of about a total of 720 hours (30 days X24 hours) we BH had a relatively easy 153 hours so far and ONLY have IYH 567 hours left. While Eli wasn’t exactly active today he was ok and didn’t complain at all. He spent the day with Bassy relaxing, playing board games, 3DS, and some talking when he was up to it. It was my turn to be with the Sori and Ari at home who I haven’t been much with since Eli went in last week.

Bli ayin hora the great news today was that Eli completed all the chemo rounds and I hope to never write that word and I hope the same is true for anyone and everyone in the world. There is nothing other then basic hydration and possibly some other nutrients that are going thru Elis IV right now and that is the plan until Friday morning IYH when they will be doing the actual stem cell transplant. Aside from being nauseous and starting to get weak Eli is in good spirits and still manages to crack a joke and a smile.

The next week to 10 days or so are apparently the most trying time for Elimelech Ben Basya and we daven that he will continue have the strength to fight and hope that whatever side effects are possible to happen don’t actually happen. Anyone that can make it to a Tefilas Yom Kippur Koton on Thursday should please keep Eli in mind. Tizku lmitzvos