Eli took full advantage of Shabos at home with a lot of relaxing, resting and enjoying every minute of it. Eli continues to make progress daily but still has quite a ways to go until he is strong and eating what he’s expected to eat. He has been on IV as a precaution every night at home which is definitely also helping. We hope the new week only brings happiness, health, strength and weight for Eli.

There isn’t anything on the schedule other then regular labs which is generally done at home by his home health nurse and beezrat hashem the blood and platelet counts will continue to be strong.

We received extremely sad and especially hard news for us which was Bracha Sara Chaya bas Ronit Naava Tehilla a former teenage LA girl who had put up a very long and hard fight with the same diagnosis and Eli lost her hard fight BDE. Her family recently moved to EY and although we didn’t know her at all on a personal level we saw her many times locally and was always with a smile. We daven that she should be a Meilitz Yosher for her immediate family and for unfortunately ever growing large cancer family all of whom should be zoche to live long, strong and healthy lives and see EVERYONE who needs have a refua shelayma.

Please keep Elimelech Ben Basya and all cholim in mind in all your tefilos as we help him and them fight and win this terrible machla. A GUT VOCH