Bli ayin hora Elis appointment went very well today and BH he didn’t require any transfusions on the contrary his counts were all very good. The Dr explained to Eli that while all this is going on with food tasting different and how the more he pushes himself to eat and drink the quicker his taste buds will come back and the stronger he will get. Eli took it to heart and really made a good effort to eat and drink today although not much it was the most he’s had in a long time. He also pushed himself to walk a lot further then he has. These are all baby steps but beezrat hashem they will all come together and Eli will be back to himself with some weight gaining and strength.

The next few weeks should hopefully be quiet with nothing on the planned schedule for about 3 weeks at which point we will start the next phase of treatment which is radiation. It is all done outpatient and should be pretty quick. It will take about 2-3 weeks to fully complete with Eli needing to go to CHLA 5 days a week for a few short minutes of actual treatment. Radiation will be followed by a full round of all scans such as MIBG, CT scan, bone marrow etc. Then we begin the final phase of treatment which is immunotherapy (which I know nothing about and won’t ask until the time comes) one day at a time.

We look forward to seeing Elimelech Ben Basya continue to push and help himself as he continues on the road to a refua shelayma.