Not much going on these days other then working on getting Eli to eat which is taking a little bit longer then we would of liked so far. He says that the food doesn’t taste the same which means his taste buds were affected from this past treatment (which we knew was a possibility to happen) and the only way for that to get better is for him to continue pushing himself to eat even though right now it doesn’t taste that great.

Eli has a follow up appointment on WED with his DR and IYH we hope all will continue to be on target. They will draw his blood work and will see if he may possibly need a blood or platelet transfusion. They will also be telling us the plan for the next few weeks and months which beezrat hashem should be pretty slow and easy.

Please as always continue to daven for Elimelech Ben Basya so we can see him sooner then later back to full strength and full weight and be zoche to see him have a refua shelayma BKAROV