Eli is taking baby steps forward towards helping himself gain back some much needed weight and strength. Its going to take time but beezrat hashem he will get there quicker then we hope. He tried many different foods and took a small bite out of each one but none fully agreed with him but atleast BH he kept it all down today. As a small and extra precaution to keep Eli hydrated his home health nurse came today and hooked him up on fluid IVs.

We are continuing to do everything possible to help Elimelech Ben Basya get back to himself and know that with all the tefilos, love and care he’s been getting he will IYH get there.

On a side note Eli had a huge smile on for a good while today when he found out that his favorite “uncle” Yossi Bess is engaged. Yossi has kept in touch with Eli even though he doesn’t live in LA anymore but keeps in touch by texting and calling Eli. He very much wanted to go to the Vort tonight but isn’t quite up to that yet. We promised him that when the chasuna comes he will beezrat hashem be up to it then and will fly to the chasuna. Yossi we love you and wish you only the best. MAZAL TOV

Have an easy fast

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