Eli did pretty well today especially given the fact that he hasn’t eaten anything in 3 weeks he is pushing himself to try to see what he can handle and what he’s in the mood of. He had a few bites of a few different things some BH stayed down and some didn’t. Hopefully sooner then later he will be back to eating everything easily and holding it all down. The most important thing is that he drinks which he has been drinking a very nice amount.

We don’t yet know the schedule for the next few weeks but other then getting Eli back to himself and IYH full strength he has no major appointments scheduled. He will have his home health nurse come and draw blood to make sure his counts are still holding strong. The next scheduled thing which we don’t yet know when it is should be radiation which is a outpatient process done over about a 2+ week period.

Elimelech Ben Basya is extremely weak and skinny and needs desperately to gain his appetite back so he can gain some much needed weight. Please as always keep him in mind in all your tefilos.