Today was planned to be a relaxed day and BH that’s exactly what we got. Eli did some walking and getting out and that was followed by some visits from Zaidy, Elis rebbi Rabbi Jacobs and a few friends and family all of whom were very pleased to see a big change in the way Eli looked from just a few days ago. We look forward to this and we hope the next step will be some weight gain.
With nothing else planned for this week other then IYH getting good results on Thursday from the CT scan that Eli had on Tuesday we hope Eli gets to relax and rebuild himself as much as possible and as strong as possible to be able to have strength for the rough planned weeks and month or 2 ahead. There are a few more scans of importance and a small procedure all of which don’t have a confirmed date but should take place in the month of May prior to starting the bone marrow transplant.

We thank everyone that has and continues to daven on Elimelech Ben Basyas behalf as that for sure is the true reason that we keep seeing Eli keep bouncing back. We look forward to the day that the treatments are over and seeing the full refua of Eli BKAROV