Today was the day we have been waiting quite a while for. We had a few scans scheduled for today as then to meet with the DR for the results. The first scan was the longest and most important its called a MIBG scan and it scans the body from head to toe. This is the second time Eli has gotten this scan the first time being right after diagnosis. After the scans were all done we were scheduled for a 1:30 meeting with the DR. When 3:30 arrived and we were still sitting in the waiting room our stress level rapidly climbing. Finally we met with the Dr at 4PM.

The long wait was very well worth it. We got reports bli ayin hora that we hoped and davened for but really didn’t expect them to be this good this early. BH the bone marrow biopsy came back negative. The MIBG scan which the first time around showed that Eli had disease in numerous bones and different places all completely disappeared. It was an extremely happy day with only good news and I don’t quite have the right words of how relieved we felt when we finally heard it. The last 6 months haven’t been easy to put it mildly but BH as the days continue we hope to continue to only beezrat hashem have such good news and hope that Eli with the help of the RBSO and his shlichim to have only clean scans.

On Thursday Eli is scheduled to be back in CHLA for beezrat hashem a few short appointments all in preparation for next weeks transplant.

Our next test begins sometime IYH next week and it will be a real test on our sanity and strength. Elimelech Ben Basya will be going thru what’s called high does chemo together with stem cell transplant which we are told to plan on being in CHLA about 30 days straight for. They have extreme rules all of course only to benefit Elis health but they are not easy to comply with. BUT as we have so far and plan on continuing to do what we have to do until we are zoche bkarov to see Eli have a refua shelayma. It is only thru ours, our family and friends tefilos, kablaos etc that we have been zoche to days like today and that will also be the only way we will be able to continue to fighting this machla until we have nothing less then what we hope and daven for Elis refua shelayma.

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  1. miriam hendeles

    Excellent news!! Baruch Hashem!!! Thanks to the doctors, and all the shlichim for helping Eli be on his way to a refuah shelaimah. This is a very heartwarming update!! You should continue to have better and better news…until 120, in good health and simcha!! Sincerely, the Hendeleses

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