Elis day did not consist of much because he wasn’t up to doing much. He woke up later then usual and didn’t have much strength to leave bed other then to go outside for the few walks we took together. His home health nurse came at about noon to draw his blood and as expected his blood counts were pretty low so we will be going to CHLA as soon as Eli wakes up for a blood transfusion. Early in the afternoon Elis Rebbi Rabbi Jacobs came to try to lift Elis spirits and he definitely did BH.

There are some side effects which beezrat hashem will not get any worse that are now hitting Eli from this past round of chemo such as pain in his jaw and some sores in his mouth. We are keeping Eli on pain pills which he only allows us to give him once he’s really in pain and on nausea medication. We are hoping that the boost that hopefully the blood transfusion will give him will help him gain some much needed strength, weight and his appetite as well.

Please continue to daven on Elimelech Ben Basyas behalf that IYH all will go smoothly in the hospital on Friday morning and that the blood transfusion should do only what its meant to. Hopefully all will go easy and smooth and we should be in and out in about 5 hours.