Today went BH exactly as planned for Eli starting with a nice breakfast a good long walk with Bassy and a scheduled short appointment in CHLA at 12PM. Today’s appointment was just to inject into his line some medication to help with the scan IYH scheduled for Wednesday. We were out of the hospital in a pretty short period of time. This afternoon a Chai Lifeline volunteer to Eli to the Santa Monica Pier which he really enjoyed.

Wednesday Eli has many separate appointments in CHLA starting at 11AM with the MIBG scan which takes about 90 minutes. It scans Elis whole body to see if the cancer in his bones has gotten better, disappeared etc we IYH are hopeful for only the best results. That will be followed by a dental appointment and that will be followed by a long meeting with Elis Dr to update us on the results of the scan as well as results from Fridays bone marrow biopsy. We will also be given some or most of the rules and instructions of what’s IYH planned for next week which is the stem cell transplant. What we know so far about it is that it will require Eli to be inpatient in CHLA in a very sterile environment for roughly 30 days straight. There are going to be some relatively better and easy days IYH in there and we have been told to prepare for some very not fun days in there. As always since Eli was diagnosed we have planned for the hardest and hoped for the easiest and for the most part BH things have been bli ayin hora very good.

Elimelech Ben Basya and all of us are hoping that we will continue to hear only good reports and updates. We hope to get the best results possible and continue to be able to help Eli fight this machla as we do whatever we can to fight this disease until Eli is IYH fully recovered and disease free BKAROV.