Today was bli ayin hora by far the best day Eli has had in a very long time. He felt good about himself being somewhat stronger and in turn did everything that he lately has needed help doing he did by himself “halevay vayter”. This morning Eli just relaxed and ate and then ate more. The afternoon we got out to go shopping BH without the stroller and Eli was up to walking around. Later in the afternoon Eli decided that he wants just the family to have a BBQ so that’s exactly what he did and we all really enjoyed especially watching Eli eat a very nice amount.

On Monday so far Eli only has one hopefully small and short appointment in CHLA to what they call inject some type of fluid so that on Tuesday when he goes for a scan they will be able to see everything clearer. Other then this scan and a few other short tests we have hopefully a relatively quiet week. These very important tests which hopefully will all yield good results beezrat hashem will help us and the Drs get a good idea of how things have gone so far.

We hope Elimelech Ben Basya continues to have days that are as good if not a lot better then today as we watch him continue to IYH have a refua shelayma.