Elis day started early today as he needed to be in CHLA for a scheduled bone marrow biopsy. After sitting and waiting for it to begin they finally called Eli at about 11:15 and he was in the OR for about 15 minutes and BH all went well. After being in the recovery room for a few short minutes to wake up they sent us home at 12:15. Eli seems to be doing fine other then being tired. He was finally able and up to eating once he got home which he gladly did.

We hope Eli gets some rest, energy and some much needed weight over Shabos and next week as there is more testing to be done on Monday and Tuesday. We don’t yet have results from today biopsy and are not expecting them until about Tuesday and we hope and daven it will be only the best. As of now the following week 5/27 is when the stem cell transplant will begin.

Thank you to everyone for keeping Elimelech Ben Basya in their tefilos and we hope to continue to only have good reports. Also thank you very much to the many people who have done so much for us over the last few weeks and months arranging, doing, bringing, going etc we will never be able to properly thank you. GUT SHABOS