The past few days have been BH pretty good for Eli as he and we adjust to a little bit of normalcy and most of all a quiet night sleep at home. Slowly Eli has been asking more and more for food and eating very decent amounts.

Sunday was a very enjoyable day as Eli had a friend over for most of the afternoon which he appreciated and enjoyed. Late Sunday evening I took Eli to the Bar Mitzva of Shmuel Rosenblatt who finished Shisha Sidrei Mishna and made a siyum lzchus Elimelech Ben Basya. Eli felt extremely special and even had enough strength to get up and dance with the Bar Mitzva boy. It was extremely special and a real zchus tizku lmitzvos. On Friday another Bar Mitzva boy Yakov Berkowitz gave a chunk of his maaser money bzchus Eli to Chai Lifeline.

At some point on Monday Elis home health nurse will come to our house and draw his blood and we will see from there if or what Eli may need as far as blood and platelets on Tuesday.

Please as always continue to have Elimelech Ben Basya in all your tefilos.