Today was bli ayin hora a very good day for a few reasons. Number one was that Elis counts were satisfactory enough that the DR gave us the green light to go home and so we were home by 11AM today. Number 2 was that we came home and were greeted by my rosh yeshiva Rabbi and Mrs Kanarek and his wife. I will never ever be able to properly show them the hakaras hatov we will forever owe them for living 3000 miles away and living with us and our situation on a daily basis. To shlep across the country to be with us and mechazek us for the 3rd time during Elis sickness had and continues always to give us the chizuk we need. To spend 12 hours roundtrip flying on erev Pesach to be with us a few short hours shows that BH my parents chose for me the right yeshiva with people that truly care. The only simple words I can come up with is THANK YOU.

As always once Eli is home he feels so much more normal and gets a sudden boost of energy and had a smile on his face all day. Eli was visited again by his rebbi which he really treasures and enjoys and can’t wait until he can be back in the classroom. He also was welcomed home to many lego sets sent by a few very special people which he is hard at work putting them all together.

We will need to continue giving 3X a day antibiotics by IV which I was taught today how to do. Eli will also continue getting TPN every night for 12 hours. The goal now is to get Elimelech Ben Basya as much energy, strength and weight before the next scheduled hospital stay which will be on Pesach for round 2 of high dose chemo. Please continue to daven that all should go as easy and painless as possible.