We hope beezrat hashem that the next month aside from some outpatient hospital visits will go as planned and that Eli will be home relaxing and gaining back some weight and strength. The last month has been extremely rough physically and emotionally on Eli and all of us. The smile Eli had on his face leaving the hospital on friday morning was priceless. He has endured a lot lately and has pushed himself to get thru all of it. The minute he leaves the hospital he is happy to do things he won’t do at all while in the hospital from eating normal amounts of food to exercise and even some basic communication comes back very quickly.

From when Eli got home Friday morning until he went to sleep late motzei shabos was filled with everything he wanted to do and we were happy to let it all happen. As usual he insisted on going to davening all 3 times over shabos just that he can feel back into somewhat of a normal routine. Motzei shabos as I have done every year we went to a lag baomer fire which he really enjoys and refused to miss. Over shabos he rested, relaxed and ate a very nice amount and it was very nice to be home back in his and our own beds.

Over the next few days and weeks we hope to help Elimelech Ben Basya continue on the road of a full recovery and help him regain his strength and weight more and more each day so that we can get to what we are going for which is refua shelayma BKAROV. A GUT VOCH