BH the last 2 days have been productive as far as making progress in hopes of getting home sooner then later. Elis blood counts did finally slightly start going up and we hope to see that trend continue on a quicker pace. The antibiotic IV has been going for 8 out of the 14 days and IYH when its time to leave they will show me how to continue giving it at home 3X a day until the 14 days are done.

Eli has been very busy skyping with his rebbi Rabbi Weiner and his class along with some family members. He also received many visits from many different people which he really enjoys and lifts his spirits. His rebbi got on the bed and helped Eli make a full lego set which really keeps him busy.

Eli has used quite a few units of blood these last 9 days and will probably continue to need over the next few weeks and months ahead. Blood donations I believe are good for 30 days once donated and have been extremely helpful from the many volunteers that have taken the time to do so. Those who are able and wish to donate should please coordinate with bikur cholim by calling 323-852-1900. Tizku lmitzvos

We look forward to beezrat hashem only having continued besuros tovos for Elimelech Ben Basya and the many tefilos and other zchusim on his behalf continue to be a big chizuk. We look forward to getting Eli home in good health and strength bkarov.