Both the good and bad news is that everything is status quo. The good part is that BH the infection is negative but the bad news is that Elis blood counts are still at zero. Over the last 2 days Eli has needed both blood and platelet transfusions. They will not allow Eli to leave the hospital until there is a rise in his counts which can happen at any time but just has to happen. This is sadly not yet considered a long time for it not to have gone up but for us feels like forever.

We are trying to get home so Eli can have some normalcy and rest before we need to turn around and start the next round of chemo over Pesach. Eli did very much enjoy a skype session with his rebbi and class today.

Beezrat hashem sooner then later we will have good news about Elimelech Ben Basya blood counts going up and him being released to go home from CHLA and continue the road to recovery and refua shelayma.

This past Sunday night in NY at the Peekskill yeshiva dinner at which 2 very close friends of mine were honored the program started with tehilim for Eli which we joined in here in LA together with the 500+ people there. Also a very large amount of tzedaka by many different friends was given to the yeshiva bzchus Eli. Tizku lmitzvos to all who daven and do many other acts of chesed and tzedaka and many other things on behalf of Eli it IYH will be a real zchus.

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