Eli was in CHLA for Shabos where both myself and Bassy stayed with him together which is a rarity but we were able to pull it off thanks to a very comfortable blow up bed we borrowed. We were joined by “the uncles” Friday night for a nice long meal during which we were disturbed by the pretty big earthquake which because we are in a new building in LA its on some type of wheels so the shaking lasted quite a while but BH all was ok. Shabos day a few friends took the long walk and spent the late afternoon with us which really helps break up the long day.

As far as Eli goes his blood counts haven’t quite started to go up yet and hopefully that will happen sooner then later. Bli ayin hora Elis infection is now negative but he is still being treated with strong IV antibiotics to keep it that way. The plan now is to wait until his blood counts go up so we can think about heading home before we need to come back for the 2nd cycle of chemo which is scheduled to run at some point on Pesach. BH Ari and sori were well entertained by my mother and friends over Shabos and we and they look forward to rejoining as a family at home as soon as Eli is up to it.

Please as always continue to daven for Elimelech Ben Basya and any and all zchusim being done on his behalf is very much needed and respectfully appreciated. A GUT VOCH