The chemo seems to be having its effect today wasn’t the easiest day for Eli as he was very weak and very nauseous most of the day. The good news is beezrat hashem the chemo is doing what its meant to do the sad and hard news is to see him in this state. I had to do something I hoped many months ago was the last time which was to give Eli a shot which when he is so weak is hard to give but its supposed to help bring up his low blood counts.

On Wednsday Eli will IYH be receiving some of his stem cells they harvested right when he got sick and wil be giving them back to him in hopes of that to will help bring up his strength and blood counts. Eli is now back on 12 hours of TPN to help keep his weight together and give him much needed calories and nutrition.

This morning there was a yom tefila on behalf of Elimelech Ben Basya and I know of literally around the world different shiurim and weeks of learning are being sponsored in the Mir yeshiva and in Monsey in Bais Hachinuch as well as in many other places. Every zchus is needed and appreciated and we look forward to continue to help Eli fight and win this tough battle.