There isn’t much to update other then late last night day 1 of 5 of this round of chemo began. Some of the chemo will only be given some of the days and one of them will be given all 5 days. I don’t have much information as to why other then this is what the protocol is.

We are taking one day at a time and juggling work and Sori and Ari who aren’t having the easiest time with the fact that Eli is back in the hospital and they can’t visit him since its still flu season in CHLA all I can say is thank gd for skype.

Please continue to daven for Elimelech Ben Basya that the known chemo side effects don’t happen and that it should do only its intended purpose of destroying the tumor.

One thought on “3/18/14

  1. gila sacks family

    May the chemo seek and destroy once and for all everything that is dangerous to Elimelech Ben Basya and may the side effects be invisible for him. Gosh what can we do for our dear Eli. moshe sends his love and misses him already. Although, he says since Pesach is coming up, Eli wont be missing too much school. Eli, we love you!!!!!

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