We had a meeting today with Elis primary DR to discuss and map out the treatment plan. We first discussed this with many specialists in this field and we all agreed to go with the the treatment plan that MSKCC (Sloan Hospital) has outlined. We also received “hadracha” from the gadol hador R’ Chaim Kanievsky who was explained and consulted by Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz for many hours on the options and gave us a special brocha on behalf of Eli.

Eli was checked in to be inpatient as of this afternoon and will begin tonight very high dose chemo. This is a mixture of 3 different chemos and hopefully will do what its meant to do which is stop the tumor from growing and also shrink it. This is a 5 day cycle of chemo so in a perfect world it will end on Shabos. This chemo will bring his blood counts to zero and soon after discharge he will very possibly get a fever. And as always with a fever and cancer you need to check back in to the hospital. The hard part will be if the fever happens they will need to keep him inpatient until his counts get back to a stable level which may take up to a month!!

Hopefully they will be able to see that this chemo is having its planned effect on the tumor by seeing Elis pain levels subside as otherwise after this chemo they will repeat the scans to see what it has done. If this does work they will then do a 2nd high dose round of chemo in about a month from now. Once these 2 rounds are complete we will need to travel probably to MSKCC for a full month to do a MIBG treatment there in NY as they dont offer that here in LA and the few other locations that they do offer it aren’t as appealing.

We will do everything possible to make sure we get what we set out to get and nothing less a refua shelayma for Elimelech Ben Basya.

Over Purim there was a tremendously large amount of tzedaka given to “matanos leevyonim laneyay eretz yisroel” amongst other tzadakas all lrefua shelayma for Elimelech Ben Basya by a real friend who we should all learn from and try to copy in our own capacity who has taken Elis situation personal and as he always has continues to research every option possible and continue to guide us beezrat hashem only in the right direction. Reb Shlomo Yehuda, your wife and family should continue to only see brochos from your family and IYH bkarov nachas and gezunt from Eli.

3 thoughts on “3/17/14

  1. gila sacks family

    We honor your resolve and pure grit to fight this monster and release Eli to have a refuah shleima. We are fighting alongside you, in spirit and send our virtual hugs and love to Elimelech ben Basya!!!!!

  2. gila sacks family

    Rooting you on and praying hard that our friend Eli pushes forward to the ultimate cure bkarov, with a minimum of discomfort .

  3. Rivky Goldkin

    We extend our truly heartfelt divrei brocho for the success of the new treatment. May it COMPLETELY eradicate the illness and bring dear Eli a full recovery. We are constantly davening for us together in this nisayon and may all the tefilos be meorer rachmey shomayim and stand a zechus for the full recovery of our precious children.
    Family Goldkin

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