A GUT VOCH and a GUT CHODESH. BH we got exactly what we asked for over shabos which was just a nice relaxing peaceful shabos. Eli went to Shul for all the tefilos and was overall in a great mood. He ate plenty and we really feel like Eli has finally gotten this past round of chemo BH out of his nauseous system. He spent a good part of shabos afternoon at home just relaxing and playing some board games.

On Motzei shabos he had already planned this over shabos that since his rebbi gave him a gift certificate for the pizza store for knowing all his chumash perfectly that we must go so of course as usual Eli wants Eli gets. We went there and ate up a storm and enjoyed seeing some people we havent in quite a while. We don’t have much planned for Eli this week And hopefully he will just be up to eating a lot and relaxing before we start next week on round 4 of chemo.

We are hoping that the brochas Of simcha that are associated with CHODESH Adar will have the true effect on Elimelech Ben Basya in hopes that he will just be happy and have a very good and easy month with all the treatments he will be having.