Let the good days keep coming. We were happily awaken by Eli this morning asking for French toast which he hasn’t wanted in 2+ months so we happily obliged. His nausea for the most part BH has subsided and he is slowly gaining some weight and strength. Elis morah from toras Emes who has gone very much out of her way for him came today with one of his classmates and they had a blast here at home. A friend of ours from NY has been busy the last few days having many different singers send Eli a personall message on video which he really enjoyed and really lifted his spirits.

We are very much looking forward beezrat Hashem to a shabos at home all together in good health and full of strength and a appetite. The things we have always expected and taken for granted have become somewhat of a big deal these days and we are not complaining we are just a lot happier when they do take place now.

My friends from Peeksill Yeshiva have arranged since Elimelech Ben Basya was diagnosed to finish the entire Sefer tehilim twice on a daily basis and they are working on completing tehilim even more times daily then that (a HUGE yasher koach to them ). Anyone that can commit to saying a few kapitlach every day should please email yisteinharter@gmail.com. Tizku lmitzvos and we should be Zoche to continue to write only good news.