Eli had BH another very good day under the circumstances today. He spent the morning at home with a schedule that we made for him and then he went and a few things he really enjoys like playing WII. He then spent the afternoon with a family friend who drove him around in a convertible and entertained and played with him for many hours thank you!! BH his appetite is definetly getting better each day and he is having a lot less nausea and it’s wearing off earlier then the last few days bli ayin hora.

Beezrat Hashem these are just the beginning of only good days ahead with Eli regaining his strength, appetite and cute personality. We continue to make sure he gets as many calories and as much food as possible. Tommorow is another day and that’s how we take things these days and we are grateful for the good days and learn to live with the not such good days.

Please continue to have Elimelech Ben Basya in all your tefilos in hopes of keeping him and getting him as strong as possible. We know about many tefilos and Kabbalos that different people have under taken and it is clearly what is getting us thru these challenging times. We hope to continue only having good reports.