Eli had another small bump in the road today that we hope doesn’t last very long. He woke up in a lot of pain in his mouth (we were warned and somewhat expected it) and didn’t want to eat or drink. We spoke to his doctor who didn’t want to prescribe any medication over the phone without seeing him. So we took Eli to CHLA and they gave us some medication and once he was there they drew some blood to see how he is doing and his counts were at zero so they gave him a blood transfusion.

Over the next few days we need to be extremely careful as to where he goes and who is in physical contact with Eli to avoid chas vshalom any infections as his body simply doesn’t have the means to fight it right now. Hopefully the blood transfusion will help the #s to rise and get Eli back to himself.

Our hopes continue to be very high that this pain won’t last as it is extremely hard to see Elimelech Ben Basya in any pain. Hopefully he will wake up and the pains will be gone and the side effects will not come back.