With his schedule in hand and all his high tech equipment he has now Eli had a late start to the day after not sleeping that well (a lot of itching) he for the most part kept to the schedule we made him. Late in the afternoon we took a drive to munchies for dessert with his siblings and all enjoyed. We all love spending as much as possible home time with Eli as we keep our high hopes of keeping him away from the hospital aside for scheduled visits.

We hope to be able to continue with only good news and getting a small sense of normalcy in Elis and our lives during the recuperation time he has in between treatments. With not much planned other then to get Eli as strong as possible in preparation for the next round we hope to give him as much attention as he needs and wants.

The good days are IYH here to stay and they are only here as a result of the many zchusim Elimelech Ben Basya has coming from literally all over the world. Please continue to daven on his behalf so he and we can continue seeing only improvements and chas vashalom no side effects.