Eli woke up exactly how we expected him to with a huge smile and all excited to head to the apple store at 8:30AM. One problem the apple store doesn’t open until about 11AM. He counted down the minutes and was ready to roll as soon as they opened. The smile this IPAD has brought to him as he feels like an adult and very important with it and we couldn’t be happier as the happier he is the happier we are and his laugh and smile are both contagious.

On Tuesday its time to get back on schedule again with a somewhat normal life with doing davening, some school work, learning etc. We don’t have many plans for the week other then to keep Eli happy and healthy and eating. Bli ayin hora this round of chemo was a lot easier then round prior and the nausea was substantially less so hopefully he will regain the few pounds he lost and gain a few extra as well.

Please keep Elimelech Ben Basya in your tefillos in hopes that he will continue to have the strength and courage to fight this machla and in hopes that the side effects will be non existent. Again I can’t stress enough our deepest appreciation to everyone that keeps Eli in mind as that’s what’s keeping us and our family going during this test. We should be zoche to see Eli and all cholim have a full refua BKAROV.