Wow I don’t know if Eli could of asked for a better Purim. Quote from Eli at the end of the day “today was the best day in my life” little does he know there are many many a lot better days ahead. Eli woke up ready to roll with his big plans of getting enough $$ to get himself his own IPAD BH he reached his goal easily and some. He ran around all day giving shaloch manos, getting brochos, relaxing, seuda and then was on the stage by the purim chagiga with a huge smile on his face. He couldn’t get enough of the action and fun.

IYH on Monday Eli will be going to get his IPAD and he is so excited he is having trouble falling asleep as he can’t believe its actually happening. We are beyond excited and happy for him that he is so excited. He and we enjoyed seeing him so happy today and like we say “halevay vayter” and only in good health and happiness.

Elimelech Ben Basya will be fully equipped with all his hi tech gadgets from his blackberry, IPAD, digital camera (which a friend from NY so nicely sent him) he feels so special and knows from all the letters he has gotten how much everyone cares and thinks about him. You can now also email Eli at Eligradon@yahoo.com. IYH all the teffilos that are done on his behalf and with Purim here we hope to see ONLY nachas, refuas and gezunt from Eli.

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  1. Anonymous

    I just wanted to tell you that every morning I check my email first thing to see how Elimelech ben basya is doing. Everyday he is in my tefillos and I daven for a refua shelama bkarov. Also, I wanted to say how impressed I am that even when you are going through such a hard terrible thing, you always stay so positive and seeing that gives me strengh to go about my day with a smile. your emunah and bitachon is something i am jealous of! May we never see such ilness in klal yisroel.

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