Eli for the most part had a very good day. He woke up pretty late after going to sleep very late but BH woke up in a great mood. He spent the late morning davening and playing games with his mother and had a few visitors. This afternoon and then again in the evening he was in the mood to take a long walk and I was very happy to allow him so we went for a long walk hooked up to the IV around the hospital. He had his favorite nurse tonight and gave her a huge welcome when she walked in for her shift. Eli is very good at making everyone around him happy.

In the late evening he was quite nauseous and unfortunately couldn’t hold down some of the food. He then got very tired finally very late in the night and finally agreed to call it a night. We are hoping that he wakes up the same way he did today and keeps his happy mood all day.

As the days continue and we keep hearing sometimes before and sometimes after the fact of the many chasadim, tefilos and Kabbalos that people are doing on behalf of Elimelech Ben Basya we feel it and know this is the reason he is so strong thru all of this and thru his strength and him being ok it makes all of us around him a lot more at ease we can’t properly ever thank everyone enough. Please continue to have him in mind in hopes that there will be no side effects and that the treatment should have its full effect and we should be Zoche to see Eli have a complete refua BKAROV