Eli woke up very happy and was ready to go to CHLA the problem was CHLA wasn’t ready for Eli they had no beds available. So Eli got to hang out at home and eat a lot which BH showed on the scale when he did finally check in at 1:00 PM. He spent the afternoon with his mother playing games and getting fluid IVs. Finally after a few delays the chemo finally began at about 10PM. Eli then finally went to sleep shortly after that.

Eli’s brother, sister and I spent that later part of the afternoon at a pre purim party arranged by chai lifeline and the kids really had a blast with the jugglers, clowns, getting dressed up, face painting and eating supper there. It was a good lift for them as they really miss Eli when he isn’t home it really took their little minds off of the situation and we thank them for this and all the help they have and continue to do on ours and Eli’s behalf.

We continue to hope and daven that this round of chemo will not yield the somewhat expected side effects they have told us about and hopefully Elimelech Ben Basya will continue to gain weight, keep up the great mood he’s been in and have the strength to fight this machla until he has a complete refua BKAROV