Today was just another all around very good say for Eli. He woke up In a great mood and we enjoyed every minute of his entertainment. This afternoon he decided we should go to the beach for a bike ride which is exactly what we did. BH he had enough strength to ride his own bike and ride more then 5 miles (it was in the 70s today) we finally got home and Eli had a very large dinner.

Unfortunately our Dr didn’t give us much of a choice and felt it would be risky not to go ahead with the planned week of chemo (we has asked to postpone it for one week) so IYH we will be checking into CHLA on Monday morning and hoping it will go as well as it can and that we will be out before shabos so that Eli can some what enjoy Purim which he very much has been looking forward to for a while.

Please keep Elimelech Ben Basya in mind and we are really hoping and davening that this round will go as easy as possible. We have been warned that this round may have interesting side effects which we are hoping as always that they will be wrong and the round will go by as easy for Eli as possible.