Friday morning the nurse came to our home at 9AM to draw Eli’s blood as planned. Generally it takes once the blood reaches the lab only about 1-2 hours to have the full results. For some odd reason we called starting at 11AM for the results and they didn’t have them and said they would call us as Soon as they do have them. As the day progressed with no calls we started to get nervous and kept calling and still no results. Unfortunately we went into shabos not knowing the results or if we would be starting chemo on Monday or not. Motzei shabos we checked our email and messages and still no answer so w efinally got thru and BH after sweating it out for 36 hours we finally got the good results.

As far as Eli is concerned he had a great Friday and shabos. A lot of relaxing and tons of eating. He went to Shul for all the tefilos and enjoyed a Sholom Zachor Friday night. Shabos day after a few kidushim we finally made it home and Eli had invited a few friends and really enjoyed the day playing games and just being Eli and a normal 7 year old with BH no strings attached.

We have a busy schedule and a lot of decisions to be made this week and the coming weeks for Elimelech Ben Basya in regards to treatment, surgery and everything else and our tefilos are that we should be directed in the right path and that everything should get done right and in the right time with the right shaliach. Amen. A GUT VOCH

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  1. Anonymous

    This blog is a real chizuk to those of us who have R”L sick family members. May Elimelech ben basya have a refuah sheleima b’karov!

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