Eli BH had a very relaxed and good day he woke up in a good mood and that lasted all day. While the morning was spent at home eating and davening and relaxing there were big plans for this afternoon. At 2 PM Eli for the first time since being diagnosed agreed to go to school for a birthday party of a classmate. He was welcomed by his class and teacher who have gone many times out of their way on his behalf. Today was no exception the birthday took place outdoors so that there would be very minimal germs. He really enjoyed being with them and we thank the family for going completely out of their way to include Eli in today’s party it really lifted him up.

On Friday morning Eli is scheduled to have blood work and testing done. While this takes place every week numerous times this one is going to mean a lot. We are hoping that his platelet has risen high enough that he will be able to start round 4 on Monday. The reason to us and him that it means so much to start on Monday is that if it doesn’t his favorite Yom Tov of the year Purim will be spent in CHLA.

Please have Elimelech Ben Basya and all Cholim in mind that he and they should have a complete refua BKAROV and that his counts should be high enough that he will be able to start the chemo on Monday like planned and that chas vshalom there should be no negative side effects