There are so many things you hear from different people in different positions and many have different brochas and segulas they tell you some you take seriously and some you brush off. One Brocha we will be needing and counting on is shabos hee melizuk that Brocha has never meant more to us then this week. Yes BH Eli is home but he is very weak and is having a hard time keeping food down.

Another Brocha we are hoping will also come in to meaning is meshaneh makom meshaneh MAZAL all which these days mean the world to us. We have BH moved and almost completely settled into our new home and we are hoping that it bring only Brocha and MAZAL.

Please have Elimelech Ben Basya in mind over shabos and in your tefilos in hopes that him being home will be the beginning of only good things and that IYh all side effects that have been plaguing him the last few days will disappear. Gut shabos