Bli ayin hora the good news continues with Eli keeping himself VERY upbeat even entertaining the hospital staff with his jokes and laughter while receiving chemo today. Eli spent the morning and early afternoon receiving day 3 of 5 in the outpatient treatment center and aside from waking up pretty nauseous he did BH very well the rest of the day. On his way home from the hospital we made a stop at his school while his class was in the yard so that he and they were all able to see each other for a few short minutes. This evening Eli insisted on going to his Zaidys kollel dinner where the 400+ people there all said tehilim bzchuso amongst the other Cholim of the community and klal Yisroel and it made him feel very proud to hear it and see it and of course to be out late at night with adults.

Tommorow I and many others will be fasting until chatzos and davening tefillas yom kipper kotton. This was told to us that the gadol hador r’ Chaim Kanievsky said that this is a huge zchus and that it is something people should be mekabel on themselves at times of tragedies etc.

We are hoping that he wakes up with the upbeat mood that he has been in and that beezrat Hashem he will be less nauseous and that the chemo should be doing what it’s intended purpose is with no side effects. Elimelech Ben Basya beezrat Hashem as he has will continue to keep us upbeat along with himself during this long road to his complete refua BKAROV