While we are getting used to the routine of the day to day visits to the hospital with Eli one thing BH is still the same Eli is the KING and showing extreme calmness and maturity. He very well knows his situation and knows the treatment plan and is taking it a lot better then we planned for. While we expected him to be nervous, sad, depressed etc he has kept very high spirits kayn yirbu and in turn everyone around him has the same demeanor (all very important when it’s a child for him not to be worried). He spent the morning with his Bubby and another local lady who has become his new favorite secret friend who comes very often to play with him while he is in the hospital.

This coming Thursday due to the fact that Rosh Chodesh
Shvat is on shabos the minhag is to have Yom Kippur Kotton on the Thursday prior which as i mentioned In a previous posting that the gadol hador said that in spite of recent local LA events people should be mekabel on themselves to fast until chatzos (half day) and say tefilas Yom Kippur Kotton. Sharei Torah 334 N. La Brea will be doing this at 12:30 PM as well as many other local shuls.

While we all constantly continue to daven and hope for a full and speedy refua for Elimelech Ben Basya I am constantly hearing and seeing the many chasadim and meaningful Kabbalos and tehilim groups taking place bzchuso and as much as we can’t thank everyone or show our appreciation one thing I can say is bli ayin hora we can literally feel it and see it with the way The treatments have been going so smoothly and quicker then the doctors originally told us to plan for and that means the world to Eli and us and for that we can only say we can’t thank you all enough.