Eli BH continues to amaze us about how strong he is physically getting and how well he so far has taken to his situation. He knows most of what is going on and when and what’s going to be taking place next. While we never hoped that Eli would have any machla espically this one letting him know what’s going on and what the plan and treatments are going to be has left him feeling very good that he’s in the know.

I walked into his classroom today to pick up some homework and sheets that we want him to do while he is at home and I told the boys how much Eli appreciated their letters and toys they have sent him. I also told them that hopefully on Sunday Eli will come for a few minutes to see his class and play with them at recess to which they were all screaming with excitement. I told Eli about that and it really gave him a big lift and we and he hope he will be up to actually doing that.

IYH on Monday Eli will start round 2 of chemo and will hopefully take to it as good as can be expected and our hope is that it should be outpatient so that he can spend the night at home if all goes well after each treatment. We are davening that Elimelech Ben Basya has ZERO side effects to any of the treatments so that he will continue to gain his strength back and be able to do what all other 7 year olds should be doing bkarov. Gut shabos