Another very good under the circumstances with Eli having somewhat of a home schooled schedule that his mother made for him along with a lot of fun and relaxing. Eli kept himself busy with davening, tehilim, nd learning in the morning followed by some games with his mother and then off to lunch with his uncle. I will continue and always say that until IYH BKAROV Eli is fully recovered he should have many more days like today.

While BH Eli isn’t bothered or at least doesn’t seem to be bothered by the looks or the fact that he has lost most of his hair and seems to be on the contrary enjoying watching it fall off it isn’t for a parent or anyone else the most pleasant thing to see however it does show to an extent that at least the chemo is having an effect and beezrat Hashem shrinking and curing his tumor. He had a full schedule starting on Monday of chemo for 5 consecutive days outpatient from about 9-5 daily.

While BH we are happy so far with how Eli is taking his situation he is still VERY sick and in need of the any zechusim he and we can get. We will never be able to possibly thank the kids, the girls and boys, the yeshivas, kollelim, friends that on a daily basis undertake things bzchus Elimelech Ben Basya most of which we don’t about and will never find out about. For the ones we know about and for the ones we don’t know about all we can say is kayn yirbu and may we all see Eli and all the Cholim have a complete refua BKAROV. Amen